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Can I measure myself?

We recommend that you do not measure yourself. Come to one of our 11 locations and have a professional measurement taken free of charge. Click here to view a store near you.

FAQ Rental Information


When do I pay for the tuxedo?

Karako Suits will ask for a $40 down payment to reserve the tuxedo, and the balance is due upon pick-up.

Tuxedo Rental Deposit?

We require a minimum deposit of $40 at the time you book your order. For weddings and other group rentals, each member is required to pay the individual deposit. For each tuxedo rented there is a non-refundable damage fee of $7.

Should I rent or purchase a tuxedo?

Lucky you, at Karako Suits you have both options. If you expect to wear a tuxedo to more than two or three events in the next few years, it might be more economical to buy your own tuxedo.

Should I rent formalwear shoes for my event?

It is hard to coordinate that everyone wears the same shoe. In order to make sure that everyone in the wedding party will have the appropriate shoes to wear with their tuxedo, we recommend you rent a pair. Make sure that your wedding photos turn out perfect by having everyone look in sync.

What happens if the tuxedo does not fit?

We have tailors on site at all locations for any minor alterations (such as adjusting the trouser or sleeve length). In the event that an item needs to be re-ordered, Karako Suits will do everything possible to arrange for the item to arrive in the store by the event. 

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